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April 10, 2008

Our Greatest Love Story Ever!

Congratulations to guest Mark Schmitt and "the Love of his Life" Annoria Shah. You are the WINNERS of the F. Tambellini Love Story Contest!
Your Certificate for Free Dinner for Two is on it's way to you! Here is an excerpt of this great Romance.
Every Great couple has a great moment that begins their relationship. A moment where they both, together share a piece of their History, unkmown to eachother, that is timeless and lays the foundation to build a Love that will only become stronger with every day that passes. F. Tambellini Seventh Street played a role in the laying of that foundation and the happiness that I now share with the Love of my life, Annora Shah.
In the right environment, love can flourish faster than it may have else had. The elegance and history of Tambellini's brought an easy and Romantic mood to our evening. Further, the warmth and hospitality shown to us, gave us a sense of being the only couple in the restaurant designed especially for us, especially for this night. In an atmosphere we considered "ours" we were able to talk about "us" while drinking wine, enjoying eachothers company...and sharing a piece of Tiramisu at the end of our dinner, that was truely a wonderful experience.
...Remembering the tastes of that memorable evening, talking about it, and even sneaking in for two pieces of Tiramisu will always take me back to the first date with my only Love. It was an unforgettable night and a priceless memory.
Thank You Tambellini's
Mark Schmitt, Greentree